Climbing Cotopaxi 2019

Diego, 5 noviembre, 2019

Successful Cotopaxi summit this morning, 5th Nov 2019

This morning 2 tourists from Switzerland (Ralp and Sira) arrive at the summit of Cotopaxi Volcano after acclimatizing in Corazon and Iliniza Norte guided by the International Mountain Guide, Flavio Armas, 2 days ago the climbers do not reach the summit due to the collapse of an ice bridge but our team was solvent and after working looking for a new step to pass the crevasse our tourists reach the summit, thanks to the effort of the mountain guide. Our guide found the new variant that led all the tourists who were at that time to the summit.

Technical data:

Departure time: 12 pm
Arrival at the summit 06:10am
Weather conditions: No wind, -2 room temperature, clear sky.
Optimal conditions.
Nivological conditions: Compact snow, in the crossing of the 5.450 m variant. 30 cm crust snow with a non-uniform mantle as there were parts with uncompacted snow with loose snow.
The variant has a length of + – 300 with a moderate slope to match the normal route
The variant ranges from 5.400m to 5.600m

Some pictures below:

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