This day (July 26th 2019) was wonderful for me because I went to Iliniza Norte, to be on the computer is a boring thing hehehe
I shared my experience with 3 friends from Italy but of German prodecency so they talked in German all the time but with me in English so the communication was very nice.
We leave the Casa del Montañaero Hostel at 08.10am after an excellent breakfast, we arrive at La Virgen Parking at 09:00 the guys walk very well, we arrive at the refuge at 10:53 am after a hot tea and talk with my friend Freddy (Refuge Manager) ready the harnesses and helmets, we went to the summit at 11:30 and after climbing some rocky sections we reached the summit at 13:00 Thank you guys for trusting us AndesClimbing, below I share some photos:

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